Should you turn a conservatory into a room?

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A conservatory is an incredibly useful addition to your home, however, it may feel that sometimes you can feel that it is rather limited on its uses. What if you want to transform your conservatory into a more functional room? Here at Total Roofcare, we know that this is possible. You just need to approach it carefully.

What other uses can a conservatory have?

People often use their conservatory as a place to socialize, or perhaps a place to store away the kid’s toys, but if you decide that you want to make more of your building investment, then you may want to see if you can transform your conservatory into something different. In 2022, many people are turning their conservatories into home offices.

Dining rooms, playrooms even kitchens; all of these rooms can be created if you take your conservatory and turn it into an integrated part of your home.

Cutting down on the glazing

The majority of conservatories are completely glazed; whilst this is the standard look, perfect for letting in plenty of sunshine, it may not be ideal for keeping in the heat during the colder months.

This is definitely where Total Roofcare can help; our ThermeRoof procedure transforms your conservatory by providing an insulated conservatory roof creating a warm and cozy space and also gives the conservatory a look of a normal room.

What regulations are there?

If you decide that you want to transform your conservatory into an extension, then you must contact your local building control department. They will want to look at the total amount of glazing throughout your conservatory and the rest of the house. They will also want to make sure that the new conservatory turned extension fits in with the appropriate building regulations.

However, if it is just a case of replacing your roof, then the regulations you comply with are far more relaxed. Find out more about building regulations here.

The benefits of transforming your conservatory

Whilst a conservatory is a great addition to your home, you can take all the further by transforming it into an extension instead. With a brand new roof and replacing the glazed windows and doors with some plasterboard; you can use it for more than just a place to relax and unwind in the sunshine.

Not only this but it is inexpensive, especially when compared to building a full extension; which can be costly.

Want to find out whether you can turn your conservatory into a room? Why not get in touch with us here at Total Roofcare and discover if we can turn our skills, knowledge and expertise into a beautiful new, useful room that can add some extra space to your home? Call us today on 0800 917 5109 or fill in one of our contact forms.

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