The ThermeRoof Procedure

An insulated, tiled conservatory roof will transform your conservatory into a completely new living space

The ThermeRoof Solution

A conservatory has always been a great investment to any home and should be enjoyed all year round. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, with most conservatories being too cold in winter and uncomfortably hot in summer. The weak link is the traditional conservatory roof allowing excessive heat loss or letting the full force of the sun create an uncomfortably hot room.

The perfect answer to both these problems is the specially designed, lightweight, tiled ThermeRoof. This unique procedure allows you to have an extension to your living space that can be used all year round by providing an insulated conservatory roof.

A Proven, Lightweight Innovation

A ThermeRoof Conservatory allows you to choose from a range of contemporary or traditional finishes and is aesthetically superior to conventional glass or polycarbonate roofing.

Its lightweight structure allows you to choose from a wide range of tiles. Internally finished with a traditionally plastered ceiling and lighting, all designed to give your conservatory a beautiful and unique look. The whole procedure is easy to install and carries an independent 10-year insurance-backed guarantee.

Total Roofcare’s ThermeRoof Construction

Our ThermeRoof consists of a number of layers to help restrict loss of controlled temperature within your conservatory. With two layers of insulation, and an exterior finish of your choice of lightweight roof tiles, your ThermeRoof will keep you comfortable and will meet your aesthetic requirements.

To find out more about switching to a ThermeRoof conservatory roof or to receive a free survey, please get in touch with a member of our team.

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ThermeRoof Diagram

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