Exterior & Internal Conservatory Finishes

External Finishes

Choose from two lightweight, strong and practical external tile finishes from our range

We convert conservatory roofs with two different types of conservatory roof tiles. Each tile type is available in a selection of shades to match the rest of your property’s roofing.

Our Total Roofcare consultants can advise on which roof tiles are best for your conservatory, but you can find out more information about our internal and external finished below.


Metrotile is a lightweight roofing product which meets ISO 9001 accreditation and offers a long lasting, durable conservatory roof solution. Manufactured to the highest standard, it offers superior performance and all the advantages of stone and clay, whilst recreating the natural look of fired clay shingles.

Tapco Slate

Tapco Slate offers a classical and traditional look that compliments most homes. The style even helps to maximise the room space below the elegant roof design. Manufactured from resin bonded, crushed Dolomite limestone, the tiles resemble natural slate, yet provide a lightweight option which can be used for conservatory roof replacement tiles.

Internal finishes

A traditional plastered ceiling

A plastered ceiling is the ideal interior finish to your roof replacement. It gives a clean bright look to the internal ceiling and allows for as much light as possible within the room.

A plastered finish allows for the addition of overhead insulation to help retain even more heat during the cooler winter months, or for ceiling lighting to be installed.


To find out more about our insurance backed 10 year guarantee conservatory roof conversions, or to specify which tile you’d like to be used, please get in touch with a member of our team.

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