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How to turn your Conservatory into a Home Office in 2022

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More and more people have been working from home lately. This has led to lots of conversions of existing rooms into home offices. Even your conservatory can be converted to an office and can benefit your whole house in a number of ways. Here’s how.


Why is a solid, tiled, insulated conservatory roof better for a home office?

The most important step of conservatory conversions is to replace the glass roof with an insulated tiled roof. Glass roofs let in so much light that it makes the room too bright to work in as an office. This creates an annoying excess of glare on computer screens.


Another benefit of installing an insulated tiled roof over your conservatory office is temperature. Conservatories are notorious for being too hot in the summer due to abundance of sunlight, and too cold in the winter due to heating loss through glass. Adding an insulated tiled roof such as a ThermeRoof goes a long way towards retaining the heating and air conditioning in your home. This makes your entire home more fuel-efficient, reducing your operating expenses over time.


Why choose ThermeRoof to replace your glass conservatory roof?

ThermeRoof is available in a variety of attractive and practical styles to match your existing roof. This includes Edwardian, Victorian, Lean-To, Gable End, and P-shaped varieties, all customized perfectly to replace your conservatory roof. The tiles themselves can be Metrotile, with the natural look of fired clay, or Tapco slate.


There are different colours available as well. The interior plastered ceiling retains heat and can include overhead light fixtures. This is a great benefit when you’re working after dark, as most conservatories are missing overhead lights and are, consequently, poorly lit.


A further benefit of an insulated roof instead of a glass roof is noise reduction. Glass lets in a lot more noise from the outside world. Tiling, insulation, and a plastered ceiling will block a great deal of those external sounds that can distract you from your work or disturb you during an important call or video conference.


One final annoyance with glass roofs is that debris from trees often falls on them. This not only makes distracting noises — it can also be quite an eyesore. If you love for your house to look tidy and clean, debris on a glass roof can ruin your day. It can also cause some embarrassment if you’re entertaining a client in your home office. With a tile roof, this problem goes away entirely.


Other tips for turning your conservatory into a home office

In addition to roof conversion, there are other ways to turn your conservatory into a great home office. The new roof will reduce excessive sunlight from above, but you may also get too much light from the sides as well. There are many window treatments available to give you control over the light in your office conservatory. Vertical blinds and shutters can be custom ordered and installed to match the style of your home.


Advanced blinds can be programmed to open and close at certain times of day. Many varieties come with a remote control so you can adjust them all from your office chair. Wooden shutters have a classic look and simple operation.


The benefit of curtains is that they help insulate the room, which will help to lower your energy costs. Many homeowners install a sheer translucent curtain as well as a light-blocking curtain so you can let in a good deal of natural light while retaining your privacy. Blinds and shutters don’t retain as much heat in the winter as curtains, but by blocking sunlight they do help to keep out excess heat in the summer.


Another option you may want to consider is upgrading your windows. If your windows are single-glazed, upgrading to double-glazing will help them retain a lot more heat in the winter and keep in more cooled air in the summer. Triple-glazing does this even more effectively, but it also has the benefit of making the room more secure from break-in attempts. It’s hard to break through a triple-glazed window.


One more important thing to consider is access to electricity and the internet. Conservatories were designed as spaces for you to enjoy the natural world outside, so they may not have many (or any) electrical outlets installed. Fortunately, there are a variety of solutions to this problem, including running a professional-grade extension cord under the floor or carpet. Electricians can also add wiring to the walls. And if you get poor wifi reception in the room, you can buy extenders to boost the signal. Many internet providers have them available for a monthly fee.


A nice thing about converting a conservatory into an office is that you can choose to retain much of the conservatory appeal. You will still be surrounded by windows, and when you open the window coverings, it’s like turning the conservatory back on.


Turning your conservatory into a home office – In summary

  • Replace your glass roof with a solid, tiled, insulated roof. This will:
    • Drastically reduce screen glare from the sun coming through the glass roof
    • Keep the office warmer in the winder, and cooler in the summer, with the added benefit of reducing energy bills in this critical time
    • Reduce outside noise
  • Vertical blinds/shutters on your windows to regulate light coming into the office
  • Upgrade your windows to double or triple glazing
  • Make sure you have sufficient power running through to the office
  • Consider a signal booster if you are getting a poor WiFi connection
  • Enjoy your gorgeous, bright, new home office!


Total Roofcare has your solid conservatory roof covered

If you’re ready to have your conservatory transformed into a beautiful home office or if you just want a consultation about roof conversion, call the experts at Total Roofcare. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we are specialists in installing top quality solid, tiled, insulated roofs for conservatories.


Total Roofcare was one of the first companies in the UK to specialise in insulated tiled conservatory roofing. We’ve installed more than 1500 ThermeRoofs to date, all fitted by our own installation teams and backed by a fully insured 10-year guarantee. We offer nothing but a tried and tested solution for your conservatory roof.


Every ThermeRoof we install is fully compliant with the required building regulations across more than 300 local authorities. This means that every ThermeRoof we install is inspected at least twice by your local building control inspector. Once completed, you’ll receive an LABC completion Certificate to show that the COMPLETE installation – not just the roof – is compliant with the latest building regulations. And transforming your home couldn’t be easier with our finance options. To find out more about switching to a ThermeRoof conservatory roof or to receive a free survey, contact us today, or call us on 0800 917 5109.



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