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Does replacing your conservatory roof make it more energy efficient?

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One argument often heard when it comes to replacing conservatory roofing is whether switching from glass or polycarbonate to a tiled roof will actually make it more energy efficient. With so many different opinions out there on the web, we’ve taken a look at whether this is true, and what else can be done to improve the energy efficiency of the space.

Will switching to tiled roofing improve efficiency?

In the vast majority of cases, switching to a tiled conservatory roof will improve the efficiency of the space, however, the amount of energy saved does depend on the age and type of roofing your conservatory currently has.

Single glazed and older roofing

Older glass or polycarbonate roofing will be far less energy efficient than modern or doubled glazed roofing, so replacing this kind of roofing with solid roofing will mean it is far more energy efficient.

Changing from a single layer glass roof to a tiled roof will improve the energy efficiency of the room simply because the tiles are likely to be thicker than the glass. Moving to opaque roofing will also help if your conservatory is excessively hot during the summer as it will block out the overhead rays of sunlight, helping to keep the space cooler.

Double glazed and newer roofing

Converting to a tiled conservatory roof will often be more energy efficient than conservatories with double glazed roofing. The solid, opaque roofing will allow for the addition of other ways to effectively improve efficiency without causing an eyesore.

Opaque roofing allows for installation of loft insulation that will help regulate the interior space’s temperature. It’s still quite common to believe that insulation only works to prevent hot air from leaving a property, but it actually also works to help keep your home cool when the outside temperature is creeping towards the thirties.

If you’re finding you’re pumping hot air into your conservatory using electric heaters during the winter months, or are constantly turning on fans to try and keep cool during the summer, a tiled roof with insulation is likely to save you lots of money.

Switching to a solid roof with layers of insulation can mean you won’t only be saving money on your energy bills during the winter months but also during the summer too.

What else can improve energy efficiency in your conservatory?

There’s plenty of other ways homeowners can improve the efficiency of their conservatory, including some very easy fixes.

We’ve mentioned before in previous blog posts how much of an impact draught exclusion tape can have on reducing noise pollution and how it also helps to lock in heat. Sticking around the edges of your windows can help stop air from escaping from small gaps in your windows, so is great for helping you control temperature without having to crank up the heat.

It’s also important to think about ways to improve efficiency that aren’t related to heating and cooling the space! Switching to energy saving lightbulbs or using lamps can help make the space more efficient and reduce your electricity bills.

Combine a new conservatory roof with insulation with a ThermeRoof

If you’d like to replace your conservatory roof with a tiled conservatory roof and wish to improve energy efficiency by installing layers of insulation, then get in touch for find out more information about our ThermeRoof.

ThermeRoof by Total Roofcare offers a complete roofing solution for your conservatory. Consisting of lightweight roof tiles and layers of high performing insulation, a ThermeRoof will improve the energy efficiency of your conservatory. AND the procedure is incredibly quick. Our installers can usually complete the process within three days, leaving your conservatory ready for use immediately.

Call us on 0800 917 5109 for more information or to book a no-obligation home visit today.

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