Protecting your potted plants during the winter

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If your garden is filled with beautiful potted plants, then now is the time that you’re starting to thinking about how to protect them during the wintry weather. A common way to make sure they don’t get the worst of the annual winter frost is to bring them indoors and keep them in your conservatory.

You may think that this is simply a case of bringing the pot indoors, but you’ll need to do a little bit more than that to ensure healthy plants and a conservatory that can still be used. To help you to protect your potted plants during the winter; we have put together some advice for bringing them indoors.


Check for pests

One of the only drawbacks of having your potted plants outdoors during the summer months is that they become a target for garden pests. The last thing that you will want to do is bring those pests into your home!

It is recommended that you check over your potted plants before you bring them in; and if you are unsure that you have managed to find all those pesky critters, you can give them an extra hose down just to make certain they are pest free.

Pruning and repotting

There is a good chance that all the sunshine and fresh air has given your potted plant a bit of a boost. This means that you may need to give it a prune, or repot it before you bring it indoors.

It is important that you do not prune any more off than one-third of the plant. You should also make sure that you prune an equal amount off of the roots to match the foliage. Think you may need to repot? If you do, then you should repot in a container that is at least 2 inches larger that the plant is currently in.

If you’re planning on bringing your potted plants inside this year, but feel your conservatory is just as cold as outside, then perhaps it’s time to convert your roof and feel the benefit? Converting your roof and installing insulated conservatory roofing means not only can you use your conservatory to store your plants during the winter, but you can continue enjoying the space throughout the year. Find out more by calling 0800 917 5109 or filling in one of our contact forms.

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