How to choose between an extension and a conservatory

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When you need some more space in your home then there are two main options you can consider. An extension or a conservatory. However, you may not know which one is right for you. We’ve taken a look at both options to help you make a decision.


Conservatories are the ideal way to enjoy sunshine and feel that you are out in the garden, without having to actually be outside.

They are often designed to have plenty of glazed areas, which means you can create a light and airy space that also gives you complete access to your garden; perfect for families who want to be able to watch their children playing, whilst also being able to relax.

Conservatories are also hard wearing and are known to be low maintenance; the materials used are relatively low cost and they are easy to build, meaning you won’t have to spend big bucks to have some extra space in your home.

There are also less building regulations to consider when building a conservatory; making the entire process easier and quicker, causing less hassle and disruption to you.

The only downside to conservatories is they can be known to let out the warm air during winter months. This can often be counteracted by installing a solid roof rather than a glass roof.


Extensions are much more flexible on size and location, giving you some extra space to use as you wish. They can be transformed into bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, pretty much any space that you want.

Extensions can be added on the front, back or side of the house, but can be incredibly costly and disruptive to your household. Not great if you are a family who is already stuck with little space.

Extensions also require more planning regulations; so you will need to build this into your budget and timescale.

Think that a conservatory is going to be the ideal addition to your home, but like the idea of having a solid roof with it? Why not get in touch with Total Roofcare and see what we can do for your home? Find out about our tiled conservatory roofs and our ThermeRoof procedure by calling 0800 917 5109 or filling in our contact form.

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