Can I Have a Solid Roof on My New Build Conservatory?

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When people think of their new conservatory roof they may initially picture glass or polycarbonate. Both of these options let in light, but they also make it difficult to keep a conservatory at a comfortable temperature. A solid conservatory roof is the ideal solution offering sound and heat insulation properties far superior to glass and polycarbonate, as well as blending seamlessly and stylishly with the rest of your house to look as if it has always been part of the building.

Planning Permission

A relaxation in building regulations means that it is no longer a requirement that a percentage of conservatory roofing be translucent. The current law in England, which is in place for extensions and conservatories completed by the end of May 2019, states that planning permission is not required for extensions up to six metres for terraced and semi-detached houses, and eight metres for detached properties. Instead of obtaining planning permission owners need to use the Neighbour Consultation Scheme which gives owners of surrounding properties a chance to see the plans and raise any concerns.

There are other restrictions which may necessitate planning permission, such as a property’s listed status or Sites of Specific Scientific Interests, so it is advised to always check local planning regulations before beginning any work.

Benefits of a Solid Conservatory Roof

There are several key benefits a conservatory roof can offer above glass or polycarbonate. The first is the insulation properties. Being able to heat your conservatory efficiently in winter, and keep it cool in summer will make it a pleasant and comfortable space all year round. Solid roofs also block noise so your conservatory will feel like a calm oasis even if you are in a built up area with significant traffic. Finally, a specialist conservatory roof is lightweight and constructed in a way which will not put undue strain on load bearing walls.

Contact Total Roofcare Today

Total Roofcare’s ThermeRoof is the perfect solution to building a new conservatory with a solid roof. The versatility to look either classic or contemporary depending on the design of your home makes ThermeRoof a stylish choice for people who want to their conservatory to be a relaxing and usable space every day of the year.

Find out how an insulated conservatory roof can work for your home by contacting Total Roofcare today on 0800 917 5109, emailing us at, or filling in a no-obligation contact form.

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