Does energy efficient conservatory roofing exist?

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Glass conservatory roofing has a reputation as being energy wasting, with even the best quality glazing struggling to keep the warmth in. With specific restrictions regarding roofing for conservatories, it may seem that there is no such thing as energy efficient conservatory roofing. However, by looking at the alternatives to glass roofing, a more efficient solution can be found.

Solid Roofing

Replacing your glass roofing, or opting to build your conservatory with a solid roof is a great way to conserve energy. The solid roof will help with temperature control throughout the year and can make your conservatory feel more like an extra room in your home.

Considering the layers

It’s not as simple as replacing your glass conservatory roof with a solid tiled one, you also need to consider the layers and install insulation. Insulating your roof will make your conservatory far more comfortable throughout the year, as it will help retain heat during the winter and keep cool air inside during the hot summer days. This not only means you’ll save on the costs of controlling the climate in your home, but a conservatory with a far more comfortable temperature is far more likely to be used!

Choose the right solution

It is essential you choose the right roofing and insulation for your conservatory as heavy solutions can cause serious structural damage to the load baring walls. Opting for a lightweight all-in-one roofing solution like our ThermeRoof will mean you benefit from solid tiled roofing and insulation as soon as your roofing replacement is finished.

ThermeRoof by Total Roofcare transforms your conservatory into a completely new living space! Find out more about the procedure and how you’ll benefit from an insulated conservatory roof by filling in our contact form, or calling us on 0800 917 5109.

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