How to decide which tiles to use to replace your glass conservatory roof

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Having made the decision to replace your conservatory roof, you’re now tasked with having to make the even more important decision of deciding which tiles and finishes you should use. With plenty of options, it is important you’re aware of everything you need to consider so you make an informed choice.

Pick lightweight tiles

When choosing tiles, you need to make sure they are light enough to be installed on your conservatory roof. Standard tiles and shingles are too heavy to install and will put too much pressure on the load baring walls. Instead, you should look for lighter tiles constructed from alternative material, such as metal.
Modern metal roof tiles offer a lightweight option that offers aesthetic appeal and can even match the roofing on the rest of the house. With the appearance of traditional roof tiles, you can choose metal roofing that matches or compliments the rest of your home.

Colour and design

Even with the limitation of having to use lightweight tiles, you still have a great selection of colours and tile designs to choose from. While most choose to have their tiles closely matched to the tiles on the rest of their home’s roof, you can choose to have different tiles installed instead.

Continued light

If you’re worried about missing out on overhead daylight, then why not consider roof windows? Opt for windows that are specifically designed for use in conservatories to benefit from the best of both worlds.

Are there any restrictions?

Depending on where your home is, you may find you need to adhere to stricter regulations on roof tile colour and other design aspects. Those lucky enough to live in areas of outstanding natural beauty or heritage sites, will need to ensure they meet specific building regulations, which can include the colour and design of your roofing.

Think about what’s underneath

You need to concern yourself with more than the exterior finish, and also think about the appearance of the interior space. Switching to a solid roof often means introducing an internal plasterboard finish to your conservatory. This finish allows for roof insulation to be installed to help keep your space warm and means you can install more overhead lighting.

Complete procedure

ThermeRoof by Total Roofcare offers a complete conservatory roof replacement procedure. Lightweight tiles, insulation, and a plasterboard finish leaves homeowners with a comfortable conservatory that is ready to be enjoyed. Find out more about our procedure by calling 0800 917 5109 or filling in one of our contact forms.

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