How to Decorate Your Solid Roof Conservatory

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There is no doubt that a solid roof conservatory provides valuable extra space and light for your home. Here are some expert tips for decorating your conservatory to make it a practical space which fits effortlessly into your lifestyle.

Use Natural Materials in your Conservatory

Bring the outdoors into your conservatory with the use of natural materials. Use seagrass matting on the floor, and wicker or rattan furniture. Modern garden furniture works brilliantly in a conservatory which is designed to bridge the gap between outdoors and in. Make a feature of a solid wall with wallpaper featuring flowers, plants or birds, and add plants in a variety of sizes, including trailing plants like ivy, which can be trained to grow up a trellis in a pot.

Use Bright Colours in your Conservatory

Choosing bright colours will give your conservatory a sunny, welcoming feel even on the coldest winter night. A neutral coloured sofa can be updated to match the seasons with cushions and throws. Use breathable cotton in summer, and plush, cosy textured fabrics in winter.

Conservatory Flooring

There is no limit to the type of flooring you can have in your conservatory, though carpet is not practical if the room opens directly onto the garden. Many owners match flooring to the adjoining room, extending tiles or wooden flooring throughout and using decorative rugs just as they would in their living room. With limited wall space for a radiator, underfloor heating is a sensible addition, especially for open plan conservatories.

Conservatory Furniture

Conservatory furniture should match the scale of the room. If your solid roof conservatory is part of a big open-plan extension you can use a large squashy sofa with oversized cushions but furniture with more delicate proportions will suit a smaller space better. If your conservatory opens fully onto your garden with sliding doors then you may want lightweight furniture you can move around easily with the sun.

Conservatory Blinds or shutters

Wooden shutters are a chic way of keeping a conservatory’s airy atmosphere while still providing privacy. Venetian blinds and vertical blinds give you the ability to adjust the light coming into your conservatory during the day, while roller blinds provide thermal protection as well. Your choice should reflect not only your planned use for your conservatory but also the style of the rest of your home to make the room fit seamlessly with the rest of your home.

Total Roofcare’s ThermeRoof can transform your conservatory into a space that can be used throughout the year. With an insulated conservatory roof, you’ll find yourself spending more and more time enjoying your conservatory. Call us today on 0800 917 5109 to find out how. Alternatively, you can email us at

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