Can a low-pitch conservatory roof be replaced?

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The simple answer to this question is yes, although there are a couple of caveats that are worth mentioning. Firstly, it is essential that you use the right tiles if you are replacing your low-pitch roof with a solid roof. If the tiles you use are too heavy you will put too much pressure on the frame of your conservatory, which could cause problems in time. The second key point is that you should always have your low-pitch roof replacement professionally installed as it requires a great deal of skill and expertise.

Why switch to solid roofing?

There are various reasons for switching to a solid conservatory roof. These include:

Added insulation

Insulation is one of the biggest issues with traditional conservatories. A lack of insulation will mean that your conservatory is uncomfortably hot in summer and unfeasibly cold in winter, reducing the amount of use you actually get out of your conservatory. If you don’t insulate your conservatory, you may also experience a build-up of condensation, which can lead to damp and mould if it is not regularly removed.

Added security

A tiled roof is basically impenetrable, whereas a glazed roof is more easily accessible.

Added weatherproofing

Solid roofs are much more durable than glazed roofs, and should be able to withstand severe weather conditions.

Reduced energy bills

Adding a solid roof will help to cut energy bills as it will keep heat in your conservatory for longer during cold weather, so you won’t have to use radiators or electric heaters.

Reduced maintenance

With a solid roof you will barely have to do any maintenance, treating it the same way as you would the roof on the rest of your house.

Reduced cleaning

With a glazed conservatory roof you will have to carry out regular cleaning to ensure that there is no debris on the roof or in the guttering, and that there are no streaks or stains on the top of your roof. You will also have to regularly clean the inside to get rid of condensation. With a solid, tiled roof cleaning will be substantially reduced.


Choosing the right tiles for your low-pitch roof conversion

As mentioned earlier, it is essential that you use lightweight tiles for your roof conversion. A ThermeRoof will outperform most traditional conservatory roofs in terms of thermal efficiency, ensuring that your conservatory retains warmth in winter and remains cool in summer. It can be fitted to any existing or new-build conservatory and comes in a broad range of styles and colours. Your new solid conservatory roof will reduce noise levels, cut heat loss and deflect the sun’s strong rays, making your conservatory a great space to enjoy all year round.

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