Enjoy cosiness by bringing ‘hygge’ into your conservatory

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As the nights draw in and we begin to think about the approach of cooler weather, many of us start to look at ways to create a cosy atmosphere within our homes. In fact, last year continental cosiness was all the rage with the Danish concept ‘hygge’ finding its way to the UK.

What is ‘Hygge’?

Simplistically, ‘hygge’ (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’ not ‘hig-ghee’) means cosiness, but is in fact a more complicated concept, with lots of different activities and objects falling under the ‘hygge’ blanket. Grown from the dark and cold winters Denmark experiences, ‘hygge’ focuses on the warmth and comfort of home and ways to stay entertained during dreary weather. Introducing the concept into your home and your conservatory can make your winter incredibly cosy.

Bringing warmth into your conservatory

There’s plenty of ways to inject some Danish comfort into your conservatory and make the most of the wintry months. Your conservatory furniture may be perfect for summer, but not so great in the winter, but not to worry! Some simple changes can fix that. Using patterned throws to cover wicker furniture and plush rugs to adapt the space to a more autumnal and wintry atmosphere.

Cosy up under blankets during winter evenings and make sure you’ve got plenty of good books to tuck into!

Don’t forget to treat yourself!

‘Hygge’ isn’t only about décor, it’s a lifestyle that includes delicious treats! Get baking, buy cakes and biscuits and settle down with cups of tea or hot chocolate for a relaxing evening. Invest in scented candles as well to truly create a warming atmosphere.

Think of the bigger picture

As winter creeps in, you may feel like it’s time to stop using your conservatory because of a drop in room temperature, and let’s be honest, a couple of blankets isn’t going to transform your glass roof conservatory into a warm space. In fact, one of the only ways to keep the cold at bay during the winter and continue to use your conservatory is by converting to a solid roof conversion that has insulation.

ThermeRoof by Total Roofcare is an insulated conservatory roofing solution designed specifically for use on conservatories. Ideal for conversions and for new builds, get in touch to find out more about our ThermeRoof procedure and how it can help you make the most of your conservatory throughout the year.

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