Can colours make your conservatory feel warmer?

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As we draw closer into autumn, those with conservatories with glass roofing may be preparing to lock up their conservatories until the warm weather returns. They can get extremely cold to lounge in when the weather outside isn’t too pleasant but are there any quick and easy fixes to resolve this?

The colour spectrum

Believe it or not, the colours of a room interior can have an effect on the perceived temperature of the room. When you think of cold ice, the colours white and blue come to mind. Whereas when you think of a warm fire, reds and oranges are the first that spring up. Colour psychology could be a way to change the warmth or coolness of the space.

Colour psychology

So to implement some warm colour psychology into your conservatory interior, you may want to think about changing the wall colours or perhaps your furniture and decorative items. Reds and oranges are the warmest colours so creating a theme with these incorporated may help to boost the temperature. Colours that are considered cold are typically blues and whites so try avoiding these for your walls or furnishings as they may make it seem that bit cooler than it actually is.


Lighting can help too, with white lights complimenting a cooler interior and yellow lights creating the feeling of a much warmer space. No matter the colour temperature of your light bulbs, adding red or orange lamp shades will reflect a warmer light around your conservatory.

Real temperature change

While experimenting with colours in your conservatory may provide some change in temperature perception, it’s not actual change. There are ways to make your conservatory much warmer, without changing your colour scheme. The main way to do so is to add insulation with an insulated conservatory roof which will retain heat much more effectively than a colour change, and will help keep it cooler in the summer too.

At Total Roofcare, we offer a complete ThermeRoof solution that will create a much warmer conservatory, in time for the winter weather. For more information on our insulated roof installation, please call us on 0800 917 5109. Alternatively, you can fill in a contact form, or drop in and see us in Kidderminster.

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