Can you do a DIY solid conservatory roof installation?

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Your conservatory looks great, gives you extra room, and ideally should be space you can use all year. With changing temperature throughout the year, you may find you’re using your conservatory less than you would like, and are therefore looking for ways to transform it to a more comfortable space.

You can spend a small fortune in heating it during the winter, and leave all possible windows and doors open during the summer, or you can look at a more permanent solution.

Installing a solid conservatory roof means you can use the room at the height of summer and in the depths of winter – ideal for those big family Christmas dinners.

However, it can be tempting for some – especially those with DIY skills – to consider doing the work themselves.

Reasons why you shouldn’t take a DIY approach

  • Working at roof level, especially with so much glass, is dangerous. Professional installers are experienced at working at height and have special equipment to help keep them safe.
  • Installing roofs is a specialist job, and requires skill. A DIY approach will leave you with an unprofessional looking roof, not to mention the potential damage, including leaks.
  • Poor workmanship will impact on the value of your house, and could cause problems with the survey when you come to sell.
  • If your DIY roof replacement project fails, you’ll need to employ a specialist builder to put it right and that will mean extra cost.

What to look for in a quality roof installer

  • Check whether the company is a specialist roof installer, and don’t be afraid to ask about how many years’ experience they have.
  • Knowledge.
  • Examples of their work. Do they care about the quality of their work and customer service?
  • A warranty or guarantee. A good roof installer will offer a warranty on their work. The guarantee or warranty shows that the company uses high quality materials and indicates the level of the tradesmen’s skills.

As a local conservatory tiled roof replacement company, our reputation is very important to us, so all our work comes with a fully transferable guarantee.

If you own a home in Birmingham or the surrounding area, and would like to speak to a member of our team about replacing your conservatory roof, please call us on 0800 917 5109, email us at, or fill in our contact form.

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