Will a solid roof damage my conservatory?

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Converting your glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof to a solid roof will make your conservatory a much more usable space. With a solid roof, you can treat your conservatory like a home extension as it feels much more enclosed and part of your original home. But it’s important to understand the difference between solid roofing and lightweight conservatory roofing before you decide on having a solid roof installed.

Typical solid roofing

Traditional solid roofing that is used for residential and commercial property can potentially be too heavy for a conservatory framework. Conservatory structures are not as stable as that of a home. This could cause unnecessary stress and strain on the structure and lead to damage that you may not notice until permanent damage if triggered.

Lightweight solid roofing

The correct roof structure will cause no damage to your conservatory at all.  The lightweight roof tiles are up to 7 times lighter than traditional roofing which ensures the structure sits on the existing framework without posing a risk to the stability while providing better protection against the elements.  In fact, you may even save on your energy bills with the insulated roof and Lightweight tiles acting as an extra layer of insulation to retain and reflect heat much better than glass or polycarbonate roofing.


A ThermeRoof from Total Roofcare is a lightweight roofing solution which can improve your conservatory, without causing any damage. Our roofing is suitable for both replacement roofs and new builds, and is tailored to meet our customer requirements exactly. A ThermeRoof also comes with a 10 year fully-transferrable, insurance-backed guarantee though we expect the life span to exceed 50 years!

For more information on our ThermeRoofs or advice on solid conservatory roofs, please call us on 0800 917 5109, email us at info@totalroofcare.co.uk, or get a free quote online.

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