Which conservatory roofing lasts the longest?

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Conservatories remain a popular way for the UK’s homeowners to extend their properties, often avoiding the need for an expensive move. Whether you’re looking to build a new conservatory or upgrade an existing one, this article is relevant to you. It explores the options available, and the longer-lasting benefits of solid roofing over glass, polycarbonate and other roofing.

Why choose a long-lasting roof?

The average cost of a conservatory in the UK is £16,500, so you want yours to last. A longer-lasting solid roof is more likely to add value to your home, and will be more attractive when you come to sell. You won’t have to spend so much time and money maintaining it, and you won’t have to worry about leaks.

How long do glass and polycarbonate roofs last?

If built by a reputable firm, glass and polycarbonate should last more than 25 years. It’s difficult to give an exact figure for the average life expectancy for a glass or polycarbonate roof because so much depends on the quality of the materials and the installation company as well as the level of maintenance.

What about fibreglass foil plasterboard roofs?

Using fibreglass foil sheets and plasterboard is an option, but typical problems include hidden leaks and condensation. Some conservatories have even collapsed under their weight.

Long-lasting solid roofing for conservatories

Solid roofing systems on a conservatory last the longest with a life expectancy of up to 50 years. That’s double what you can expect from glass or polycarbonate.

Other solid roofing benefits include:

  • All year-round use, with a more comfortable temperature.
  • Improved insulation, which means lower fuel bills.
  • Being watertight and not as loud as polycarbonate in the rain.
  • Not having the problem of glare, which is important if you like to use a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

ThermeRoof insulated conservatory roofs are available in a choice of tile and slate colours, as well as a 10-year insurance-backed, transferable guarantee. Contact Total Roofcare on 0800 917 5109, email us at info@totalroofcare.co.uk, or fill in a contact form for a no obligation quote for your conservatory roof replacement.


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