Heating Your Conservatory

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A conservatory is a lovely addition to your home and allows you to enjoy the warm weather in the summer. Conservatories traditionally fashion a lot of glass and therefore bring in a lot of light and heat into the room so you can enjoy the outdoors, without even being outside!

However, during the winter months, you may be put off using your conservatory because it feels very cold. By adding standalone heating systems and making some simple changes, you can enjoy this room all year round, regardless of the weather.

Innovative ways to heat your conservatory

Fan Heaters

The most obvious way to do this is to get a fan heater and pump hot air into the room. This can be quite effective and can feel very toasty in the winter. However, many fan heaters are quite small, so you may need to buy more than one to heat the space.


Think about your floors! If you have laminate, lino, or tiled floors, then expect them to feel cold during the winter, especially if you’re walking around barefoot. In fact, cold flooring can make the room feel colder than it actually is! Perhaps add a rug in your conservatory; you will be surprised what a difference that will make. Or, if you are feeling very adventurous and your budget allows, consider underfloor heating.


Keep the cold air out: If the chilly air cannot get in, then your conservatory cannot get cold! This means ensuring your doors are draught-proof and you have good glazing on your windows.

Use draught excluders at the base of your conservatory doors, and remember than installing blinds not only means you have privacy, but also helps keep heat in during the winter.

Radiators: standard or electric

Most conservatories can be installed providing they have separate heating to the rest of the house, meaning you can’t extend your central heating to include a radiator in the space. Therefore, a great alternative would be to install an electric radiator or two. Essentially, you fix the radiator to the wall, plug it in, and they’re ready!


How to make your conservatory the right temperature all year round

Another way to regulate the temperature all year round and save money on your energy bills is to convert to a tiled roof! More and more people are moving away from glass or uPVC roofing and getting a conservatory roof replacement. In the winter months, your conservatory will be comfortable to use, as the roof tiles and layers beneath will help insulate the room and keep it warm. Also, in the summer months, your conservatory won’t get too hot, despite the weather outside. This is because the tiled roof will block out the direct sunlight and help to keep the conservatory at a cooler temperature.

Benefits of a conservatory tiled roof replacement

As well as having a room you can use all year round, you can even save money with a solid roof. The extra insulation that the tiles provide will help reduce energy bills. If you have ever tried to keep a conservatory warm in the winter, you will appreciate this! You’ll also benefit from a quieter room. It can get very noisy in a conservatory when there’s heavy rain fail or harsh external weather conditions. Having a tiled roof will dramatically decrease the sound from the outside.

To find out more about how you can benefit from a conservatory tiled roof replacement, get in touch with Total Roofcare. Our ThermeRoofs provide a much more regulated temperature in your conservatory, allowing you to enjoy the space all year round. You can call us on 0800 917 5109, email us at info@totalroofcare.co.uk, or fill in our free-quote form.

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