Choosing your conservatory roof tile finish

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Now we understand the risks and disadvantages of glass or uPVC conservatory roofing, more and more people are choosing to convert to more solid roofing or install solid roof tiles on their conservatory from the offset. Not only can you create a year-round space with insulated roof tiles, but you can choose between tile finishes for a more aesthetically pleasing look for your conservatory design rather than the typical clear covering.

Match the exterior

With the range of colours and styles for conservatory roof replacements available, you can choose tiles that match the rest of your home for a unified and integrated design. This creates the effect that your conservatory is an extension of your home, blending in with the exterior roofing and walls as if the room had always been there!

Compliment your home

For a unique look, you may want to choose a subtle contrast to your existing home roof. Antique red and burnt umber colours compliment homes of a grey colour, which can look great for passers-by admiring your home. Alternatively, you could pair a cream walled home with grey conservatory roof tiles for a modern design. Slate mixes with a range of blue and green tiles or different shades of grey offer a dynamic appearance to your conservatory roof.

Synthetic slate

Whether you are looking to replace the existing roofing or install solid roofing on a new build, it’s important that you opt for a roof tile that won’t pose a strain on the conservatory framework. Typical, traditional roofing that is used for your home is too heavy on a conservatory’s structure which is why, at Total Roofcare, our ThermeRoofs always use the highest quality artificial slate.

If you’d like a tiled conservatory roof installed, please get in touch with our team. We can install your new roof quickly and efficiently while remaining within your budget! For more information, email us at give us a call on 0800 917 5109.

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